The contest is organised by the Ministry of Finance, the National Revenue Administration [KAS] and Aplikacje Krytyczne.

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for legislation related to taxation. It ensures the legal framework is adjusted to the economic reality. It shapes the Government’s tax policy, drafts legislation in support of entrepreneurship, families and, above all – fraud prevention.

National Revenue Administration [KAS]

The National Revenue Administration [Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa] is an agency within the Ministry of Finance responsible for tax revenue collection. It is tasked with the cooperation with the taxpayers on a daily basis and protecting them from dishonest competition from the fraudsters. KAS operators detect VAT carousel schemes and recover hundreds of millions of Euro in previously lost revenue on an annual basis.

Aplikacje Krytyczne Sp. z o.o.

Aplikacje Krytyczne is a business entity created by the Ministry of Finance in order to provide it with digital solutions, reinforcing the KAS in its duties. It is responsible for developing and implementing solutions for the public finances sector and exercises qualitative supervision over the MinFinTech contest.