MinFinTech contest is divided into 2 stages:

1st Stage

First stage will take place during the HackYeah hackathon held on October, 28-29 2017 (Click HERE for free entry tickets!) and is open to everyone attending the event. The Ministry of Finance will prepare and set out a challenge for the participants to solve and a panel of experts will evaluate all submissions on thoroughness, innovativeness and implementation possibility.


  • Invitation to the 2nd STAGE of MinFinTech
  • 1st prize: 30.000 PLN + tickets&travel to Web Summit
  • 2nd prize: 20.000 PLN
  • 3rd prize: 10.000 PLN
  • & in-kind prizes


2nd Stage

The second stage will consist of 2 challenges laid before those who advanced through the first stage. The participants, in collaboration with experts from the Ministry of Finance, will be solving tasks based on the daily problems faced by the MoF IT specialists. They will have an opportunity to track real VAT fraudsters based on anonymised databanks.

After an assessment by the contest Jury, solutions developed by the participants will serve to prevent tax frauds as a part of the Ministry’s digital infrastructure. Authors of the best solutions will be offered an employment for the Ministry of Finance.


  • Job offers
  • 150.000 PLN in total

At no point during either of the competition’s stages, will any subject-specific knowledge from the fields of finance, law, or related disciplines, be required from the participants. Such skills will not be taken into account during the contest. The Jury will only assess the creativity and efficiency of the participants’ approach to solving the challenges presented.